Optical integration

Workshop 2
Sunday, 18 September, 2011
10:00 - 13:30
Room B

With the growth of optical fiber communications and penetration of photonics into new applications in optical interconnects, optical integration is gaining a more prominent role in enabling this rapid growth and scaling of photonic components and systems. These emerging applications call for varying performance, cost, power or space requirements and may drive specific integration technologies to address their needs. This workshop is organized around requirements of telecom, datacom and optical interconnect or computer-com applications and their specific needs for components and integration technologies. The panel will address key telecom and optical interconnect market current and future needs. Invited speakers will present advances in integration technologies for these markets. The presentations address various integrations platforms including Si/CMOS photonics, large scale monolithic InP, LiNbO and hybrid integration. There will be two panel discussions as part of this workshop.


Silicon photonics platform for next generation transceivers
Laurent Fulbert, CEA-LETI, France

A new platform for integrated optics: hybrid III-V nano photonic crystal
Rama Raj, LPN, France

InP Microdiscs as versatile devices for light generation, processing and detection
Jens Hofrichter, IBM, Switzerland

InP-based Large-scale photonic integration
Fred Kish, Infinera, USA

Integrated receivers
Andreas Umbach, U2T, Germany

Regrowth-Free Multi-Guide Vertical Integration in InP: Technology and Applications
Valery Tolstikhin , OneChip Photonics, Canada

100Gb/s Micro-transceiver for Optical Interconnects: A Hybrid Approach for Electronics Optics Integration
Shinji Tsuji , Hitachi, Japan

Micromechanical optical coupling for hybrid photonic integrated circuits
Bardia Pezeshki , Kaiam Corp., USA

Integration of Electronic Components and Planar Polymer Waveguides
Felix Betschon, VarioOptics, Switzerland

The Flora and Fauna of Photonic Integration: Will Application Diversity Sustain Technology Diversity?
Tom Koch, Leheigh Univ., USA

InP-Glass Integration Platform for data-centric networks
Daniel Blumenthal, UCSB, USA