Wednesday, 21 September, 2011
11:15 -- 13:00
Room A

We.8.A • OFDM I

Chair: Werner Rosenkranz; University of Kiel,Germany
We.8.A.1 • 11:15
12-stage Sequential Optical FDM of 120 Gb/s (12x10 Gb/s) Data in 240-GHz Bandwidth using Fiber Cross-Phase Modulation with Optical Subcarrier Singnals
Tomoyuki Kato1, Ryo Okabe1, Reinhold Ludwig2, Robert Elschner2, Colja Schubert2, Shigeki Watanabe1; 1Fujitsu Laboratories ltd., Japan; 2Heinrich Hertz Institute, Germany.
A sequential frequency-division multiplexing technique using cross-phase modulation in fibers with exactly controlled optical subcarrier signals is proposed and demonstrated. 12x10-Gb/s signals with 20-GHz spacing are successfully multiplexed all-optically at 12 stages with 1-km intervals.
We.8.A.2 • 11:30
A Novel Phase Stabilization Scheme for DPSK CoWDM Signals using High Order Four Wave Mixing
Paola Frascella1, Stylianos Sygletos1, Andrew Ellis1; 1Tyndall National Institute & University College Cork, Ireland.
We present for the first time a phase stabilization scheme for 42.66 Gbaud DPSK CoWDM signals based on FWM. The novel stabilization for orthogonal frequency carrier-less data allows successful recovery through simple direct detection.
We.8.A.3 • 11:45
Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Using Symmetric Extension based Guard Interval in Optical Fast-OFDM
Jian Zhao1, Selwan K. Ibrahim1, Paul Gunning2, Andrew Ellis1; 1Photonic Systems Group, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland; 2BT Innovate & Design, United Kingdom.
We propose symmetric extension based guard interval (GI) to enable CD compensation with one-tap equalizers after discrete-cosine transform in optical fast-OFDM, and experimentally demonstrate 20Gbit/s 4-ASK transmission over 124km field-installed SMF with varied GI length.
We.8.A.4 • 12:00 (Invited)
Direct-Detection Optical OFDM Superchannel
Wei-Ren Peng1, Hidenori Takahashi1, Itsuro Morita1, Hideaki Tanaka1; 1KDDI R&D Labs, Japan.
We will review the transmission and signal processing techniques (phase noise & IQ imbalance compensation) of our previously-proposed direct-detection optical OFDM super-channel (DDO-OFDM-S) over dispersion-unmanaged standard single mode fiber (SSMF) link.
We.8.A.5 • 12:30
Decision Feedback Compensation of Transmitter/Receiver Nonlinearity for DD-OFDM
Jochen Leibrich1, Abdulamir Ali1, Werner Rosenkranz1; 1University of Kiel, Germany.
Transmitter and receiver nonlinearity are compensated for by means of an iterative decision feedback algorithm. The sensitivity for 100 Gb/s direct detected OFDM without frequency gap is improved by approximately 6 dB.
We.8.A.6 • 12:45
Coherent Optical DFT-Spread OFDM in Band-multiplexed Transmissions
Qi Yang1; 1State Key Laboratory of Optical Communication Technologies and Networks, China.
We experimentally evaluate performance of coherent optical DFT-Spread OFDM in band-multiplexed transmissions. Compared with conventional clipping methods, DFT-S OFDM can reduce the OFDM PAPR value while has no interference from the neighboring bands.