Wednesday, 21 September, 2011
14:30 – 16:00
Room C

We.9.C • Hybrid And Next Generation PON

Chair: Pat Iannone; AT&T Labs, United States
We.9.C.1 • 14:30
Demonstration of Wavelength-Set Division Multiplexing for a Cost Effective PON with up to 80 Gbit/s Upstream Bandwidth
Wolfgang Poehlmann1, Thomas Pfeiffer1; 1Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, Germany.
A periodic wavelength plan allows for a cost-effective WDM solution in PON. Using simple DFB lasers with integrated heaters we demonstrated an 8*10 Gbit/s upstream capacity with 512 ONTs in a hybrid TDM/WDM configuration.
We.9.C.2 • 14:45
Dynamic Spectrum Management in Passive Optical Networks
Ning Cheng1, Frank Effenberger1, Guo Wei1, Zhenxing Liao1, Fei Ye1, Lei Zhou1, Jianhe Gao1; 1Huawei Technologies USA, USA.
Dynamic spectrum management is proposed as a simple and cost-effective way for smooth evolution of passive optical networks. Experimental testbed with dynamic spectrum management demonstrates 10Gb/s aggregated bandwidth in upstream using ONUs with 2.5Gb/s transmitters.
We.9.C.3 • 15:00 (Invited)
Technical options for NGPON2 beyond 10G PON
Philippe Chanclou1, Fabrice Bourgart1, Bernard Landousies1, Stephane Gosselin1, Benoit Charbonnier1, Naveena Genay1, Anna Pizzinat1, Fabienne Saliou1, Bruno Capelle1, Quang Trung Le1, Fabia Raharimanitra1, Ahmed Gharba1, Luiz Anet Neto1, Joffray Guillory1, Qian Deniel1, Bertrand Le Guyader1; 1Orange Lab, France Telecom R&D, France.
This paper presents a view of the trends and perspectives in the next generation of optical access solutions following the 10Gbit/s Passive Optical Networks.
We.9.C.4 • 15:30
Limited Flexibility: a Cost-Effective Trade-off for Reconfigurable WDM-TDM Optical Access Networks
Nguyen-Cac Tran1, Ton Koonen1, Chigo M. Okonkwo1, Eduward Tangdiongga1; 1COBRA Institute, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands.
We analyze the congestion probability and energy consumption of WDM-TDM optical access networks with different degrees of flexibility. Cost-effective limited flexibility can reduce congestion by 23% and consumed energy at the OLT by 33%.
We.9.C.5 • 15:45
1.24-Tb/s Hybrid SCM/WDM Passive Optical Networks
Zhaowen Xu1, Xiaofei Cheng1, Yong-Kee Yeo1, Luying Zhou1, Xu Shao1, Hongguang Zhang1; 1Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore.
Combining subcarrier multiplexing and wavelength division multiplexing techniques, we demonstrate a 124-channel hybrid PON with 10-Gb/s downstream and 1.25-Gb/s upstream transmission. A single 32*32 AWG is used to distribute the bidirectional wavelength channels for 124 users.